franz reimer // artist & curator

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platform79 – the berlin project/ group show
10. bis 16. September 2012

Ehemaliges Frauengefängnis in Berlin / Kantstr. 79 in 10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg
curated by Colet Castano, Fanny Diehl, Filippa Forsberg, Nora Heidorn, Stina Gustafsson

artists: MARCK (Switzerland), Steve Rosenthal (UK), Post-it City (Spain), Julia Vogl (UK), Kite & Laslett (UK), Malin Holmberg (Sweden), Sebastian Schmieg (Germany), Antonio Riello (Italy), Franz Reimer (Germany), Margo Trushina (Russia)

INSTALLATION Nº8 / franz reimer /
site specific video-installation / 2012
live-video-projection with a scale-model
of the exhibition space

live-projection / foto: Jasmin Stahl

installation Nº8 / work & concept / arbeit & konzept

franz reimer /
multimedia-installation / 2011

mind and matter pt. I–III / work & concept / arbeit & konzept

platform79 / konzept / concept

The former women's prison and adjacent courthouse in Berlin-Charlottenburg is an inspiring but challenging space to produce and display art. The project encompasses a weeklong exhibition of several contemporary artists and artist groups in the week of the 10th of September. Numerous art fairs are held in Berlin during this time, making the city the focal point of the art world. We hope to attract some of these visitors as well as the local art scene through an exciting proposition in this intriguing premise located in central Berlin.

The theme explored in our exhibition through site-specific installations and completed work is the friction between real and imagined or hyperreal space, often resulting in a reflex of escape. This theme has been inspired by the context of the former women's prison, a microcosm of confinement and longing for escape. platform79—the berlin project has invited a number of contemporary artists working in different mediums. Depending on the artists’ practice, we will show completed pieces or they will create site-specific work engaging with the public and the architecturally and historically significant building.

close / schliessen