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HilbertRaum Berlin
31. Jan - 09. Feb 2020
ELECTRIC DREAMLAND is an exhibition series

ELECTRIC DREAMLAND is an exhibition series, of which part I stages a truly astounding spectacle. ELECTRIC DREAMLAND aims to explore the relationship between event- and high culture, to savour the eternal love-hate relationship between staged mass spectacle and elaborate art enjoyment, and to explore the extent to which the entertainment industry and art production have always needed each other, how much they condition and stimulate each other, and envy each other, while secretly loving each other so deeply.

In their close connection with the imaginative technologies of the machine age that have so rapidly developed over the past century, both the entertainment industry and art production are indispensable pressure valves for a society that must continuously reconcile itself with ever-new technological promises and their eternal failure.

In our society of permanent spectacle, which dreams in vain of fulfilment, imagination remains a painful but also a healing promise. ELECTRIC DREAMLAND pt. I casts a sceptical and dreamy glance at an art production that produces meaningful works primarily in empty, literally inflated shells. With the works of Catharina Szonn and Daniel Neubacher, ELECTRIC DREAMLAND pt. I shows vivid childhood dreams that tell of the visionary power of artistic ideas as well as the constant loss of all illusions and promises.


Meaning without Guarantee (2020)

Installation | Kiddie Ride, LED screens, rollup display, various materials

Das Potenzial ist die Funktionslosigkeit

It´s like advancement, but made for human
Dienstleistung der eigenen Abnutzung
It‘s not the end of the world
als zentrale Strategie
come back to rise up again

CATHARINA SZONN stages a kiddie-ride helicopter as an archetypical imagination machine. Like a dream of ascent that has fallen out of time, she breathes new life into the disused service machine and transforms it into a radical artistic financing model: #cashonly #50cent #rideordie #flywithme #childhooddreams #flippingcoins #takeyourchance

CATHARINA SZONN (*1987) lives and works as an installation artist in Frankfurt am Main. She studied at the Academy of Design Offenbach, the Iceland Academy of Arts Reykjavik and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In her painterly and poetic installations, she focuses on current sociocultural topics such as the vacant relationship between humans and machines. Her works have been shown in Germany and internationally, including exhibitions at Kunstverein Konstanz, Frankfurter Kunstverein, European Media Arts Festival Osnabrück and Museum Goch, among others.


template | Castle in the Air (2016)

Special structure bouncy castle, colour: black according to customer design, size: 5.4 x 5.1 x 4.24 m, incl. blower, free delivery, artificial air

The work Castle in the Air takes the template as its absolute starting point. An inflatable designed by the artist is merged with the production company’s standard template and subsequently produced, delivered and displayed. A hybrid art product is the result. This product cyclically fills with the air of the exhibition space, expanding in its full might to reach its spectacular maximal size and then immediately collapsing into itself again, gently and silently.

DANIEL NEUBACHER (*1985) lives and works in Bremen. He studied at the University of the Arts Bremen with Prof. Jean-Francois Guiton, where he completed his Master’s in 2016. At the interface of digital and physical space, Neubacher‘s artistic work is dedicated to current problems and problems with the conditions of artistic creation in terms of production, representation and reception. Neubacher‘s works have been shown in exhibitions in Berlin, Cologne, Schaffhausen, Helsinki, Bucharest, Detroit and Toronto, among others, as well as in several online exhibitions. Castle in the Air was recently presented in Neubacher’s solo exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bremen.

Ulu Braun / Kerstin Honeit / Julian Öffler
09. Feb 2020

16:10 min, HD, 2019

Split Screen Video, 13:00 min, HD, 2014/15

30 min, HD, 2019
close / schliessen