franz reimer // artist & curator

/ media art projects & exhibitions
Curator & Architect
of the
Exhibition of the European Media Art Festival 2018
Kunsthalle Osnabrück / Dominikanerkirche
18. April - 21. Mai 2018
With works by
Candice Breitz, The Kongo Tribunal Transmedia, Forensic Architecture, Mona el Gammal, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Daniel Garcia Andujar, Wachter/Jud, Ralph Schulz, Clarissa Thieme, Garrett Lynch & Frédérique Santune, Jonas Paul Wilisch, Anahita Razmi, Olli Holland, Quadrature

Curated by Franz Reimer & Hermann Nöring

Journalism was once considered a “fourth power”, an independent and controlling observer. More recently, however, it has increasingly been suspected of failing in its role as a neutral rapporteur and of following the pronouncements of established politics and business as a matter of priority.Instead, in the digital age, a myriad of forms of the public sphere that are virtually impossible to differentiate and actors that are difficult to figure out have become established, all of which claim to be the “truth”. And which permeate the perception of reality in such a polyphonic way that categories such as fiction and truth seem to have lost their effectiveness and are drowned in an absolute information frenzy.

In view of the lack of power of discernment and interpretation, art of all things is now embarking on a search for reality and new criteria of discernment and understanding. The EMAF exhibition aims to show how artistic reports and images open up new confrontations with reality and to what extent they take over, transform or refute journalistic forms. And thus perhaps give an outlook on what lies ahead of us, on future developments towards a view of reality that was and is never simple and simplistic, that keeps the complexity of our world clear to us and nevertheless points out ways to deal constructively with this complexity.

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